WTB - 47' Cessna 140 Wings

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WTB - 47' Cessna 140 Wings

Post by 7365 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:56 pm

So, hoping to find a set of wings in serviceable condition (don't need fabric on them) that don't need any repairs to them ASAP somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California/Northern Nevada, Northern Idaho, Western Montana area. Pretty much anywhere I can get out to and back with my truck/trailer fairly quickly from Seattle. I decided I want to recover mine, but don't want to take the airplane out of service during the summertime up here in Seattle, and would like to have the new set on before September (long story). Anyhow, if anyone knows of a set, or has any leads, etc., PM me or call/text me, area code Four-Two-Five, 442-0963..

- Josh
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