Flying in Class D airspace without license

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Location: CRD. La Criolla, Argentina.
Name: Horacio Berardone
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Flying in Class D airspace without license

Post by 5469 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:36 am


I need some advice about this.
I have my C140 in Concordia Aeroclub, that is very close to SAAC. All in class D airspace.

We operate CRD (Concordia Aeroclub strip) doing radio with SAAC, in the hours of active tower. Tower is active Monday thru Saturday from 0800 local to 1600 local. Out of this hours we radio in the blind.

A few weeks ago a trike with no insurance at all, flown by a person that is not even a private pilot, flies inside our airspace.
SAAC Twr is aware about but does nothing. The guy avoids of course the twr hours.

Last week a sanitary jet flight from BA, came in to SAAC to help a girl that was injured. The pilot of that flight requested an extension of Twr time, that was allowed. So the trike pilot was surprised to have twr in hours that normally are closed. It was a big mess.

How that cases are handled in US?

Thanks for your help,
Kind regards,
Horacio Berardone Bouhébent
LV-NGL 1946 C140 SN 10.260. Based CRD, Concordia, Argentina.
Formerly 9Q-CKN in Congo.

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Re: Flying in Class D airspace without license

Post by 6183 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:34 pm

Hola horacio

Te envié un PM en español.

Mike Smith

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