Door latches, any good source?

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Re: Door latches, any good source?

Post by majourlittle »

I love that everyone here has verbalized everything floating through my head!!! :lol:

I have one latch that is phenolic and one that is metal, the phenolic one is the one that broke which makes some sense since the plastic one has been obs and replaced.

I ordered the bird dog one off of ebay. for $35, it was worth the risk. same thought that they are very similar. in fact Texas salvage has a full assembly with what appears to be the bird dog latch installed....

I thought about buying one and playing the copy/paste game, but I hate playing that. Ill take the broke one, working one, and the bird dog one and come up with a model and have them printed.

Ill keep everyone advised.
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Re: Door latches, any good source?

Post by V529 »

Other than Preferred in Ohio and a salvage yard in Canada, I came up empty on the parts locator network. Used Phenolic from wherever you can find one should work.
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