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Phoenix, AZ instructor

Post by drumflyer60 »

Hi all.
I’m looking at getting a 140 soon. I ve been flying my whole adult life (over 45 years) but never got my tailwheel endorsement. I live in the Phoenix AZ area and would like to find someone locally and in a 140.
Any recommendations?
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Re: Phoenix, AZ instructor

Post by 6478 »

I'm not aware of anyone in the Phoenix area that instructs in 120s/140s. There are two CFIs at Deer Valley that do tailwheel endorsements in a Decathlon and a Citabria, and Chandler Air Service does tailwheel training in Super Cubs. I think that's about it. If you need contact info let me know. Hope you find yourself a nice 140 soon - you'll love it!
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Re: Phoenix, AZ instructor

Post by 6898 »

Check with your State Rep You'll find his info on the last page of the newsletter or on this home page . About us then leadership then State Reps.
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