Trevor Jacob's Doomed T-Craft

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Trevor Jacob's Doomed T-Craft

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As I just posted on AVweb, along with old dogs and watermelon wine, (thanks for the image and rest in peace Tom T Hall), there’s something sentimental about mid ’40s Taylorcraft, Champs, Cubs and Cessna 120s. They remind me of Lucy, our 16 year old but still very cute 10 pound Jack Russel/Bishon, still loving life. And so it is that my emotions upon seeing Trevor Jacob’s screen shot of his soon to be demolished but still eager to fly Taylorcraft range from intense anger to deep sadness. Lump in my throat sadness. Today's news that Trevor Jacob's is getting his just legal rewards for his stunt is little comfort to me.
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John Kliewer

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Re: Trevor Jacob's Doomed T-Craft

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A couple of observations by wife (...reading over my shoulder): One, "maybe it's time we consider another dog?" (Our Rudder, 17 year old Peekapoo crossed Rainbow Bridge a bit over a year ago.)...and, two, "...I agree with John. In fact purposely destroying that ole T'craft should be a capital offense!".

I tend to agree with you both ;) .

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Re: Trevor Jacob's Doomed T-Craft

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I didn't know what you were referring to until I saw the AOPA note where the FAA yanked this guys license. I also understand he got 2? years jail time.

Today's instant gratification, and "see me, view me" world has spawned all sorts of outrageous activities. I'm glad the guy got caught, but nothing is going to bring back a perfectly flyable airplane...........

What's this world coming to...........
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Re: Trevor Jacob's Doomed T-Craft

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When I heard about this episode about a year ago I thought, “What in the world could this guy have been thinking?” It confirms my belief that some people will do ANY THING to get some notoriety.
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