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Forum upgrade!

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2022 7:47 am
by V529
Hello everyone. I'm happy to announce that the hosting service will be getting a much needed upgrade over the next month or two. The primary differences you as members will see will be better mobile device access and the ability to post larger pictures and to post pictures much easier.

Like any mobile device change you will most likely be required to install an APP on your phone to make it work, however we do that for darn near everything.......right?

Our web Master, Rob Swanland and we as moderators have heard and understood the need for this upgrade for some time, we knew it needed to be done, the question was "attempting to make the best choice" from all the various angles (i.e. upgrade what we have PHP BB,........ change to something completely different......associated costs.........time involved to make the change etc)

Please understand we use the system as well and can be as frustrated as anyone when attempting to load large pictures, it's just we're volunteers and we have full time jobs that are well........full time. We did put our heads together, query other website forum moderators with the changes they made and the outcomes and believe cost vs return this system upgrade should yield the necessary results.

Please stay tuned for more updates and expect to see improvement.
Thank you to everyone for participating and continuing to engage. We really attempt to do our best to keep the information flowing and easy to use.