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Scott Tailwheel Steering Springs, pix and figures

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:19 pm
by 101
Originally Posted on Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:07 am

There has always been confusion as to which steering springs are to be used for the Scott 3-24B (original part number, now the Scott 2000) and/or the Scott 3200. The 3-24B is a six inch, hard rubber tire unit and the 3200 is the 8 inch pneumatic tire assembly.

Seen one at a time, it is hard to tell which is which but with the figures and sketches and pictures of the actual units side by side in this note, it gets easier.

This note encompasses pictures of both sets as well as of the often-misused Maule steering springs.

Near-actual size sketches of the two springs for the Scotts will make determination much easier. There are so many planes with the "wrong" sets that one can be misled. 170's with the steering springs meant only for the 3-24B style tailwheel and 140's having the 3-24 tailwheel with the steering springs meant only for the model 3200's.

There are pictures and sketches of the Maule springs and pictures of a Maule plane to which has been fitted the Scott tailwheel but with the Maule springs.

And, to further illustrate, a picture of a Citabria with the Scott 3200 tailwheel and the steering spring set used by Citabria.

With a new Scott 2000 now about $1200 and the 3200 for about $1000, it is a good idea to use the right companion parts and take good care of the assemblies.