Throttle Cable to Throttle Upgrade

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Throttle Cable to Throttle Upgrade

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Originally Posted on Fri Nov 18, 2005 1:25 am

A long time ago, it was found that the device used to couple the throttle cable to the throttle arm at the carburetor could fail, with one of two results.

Cessna proposed a change and distributed the information to use the new style coupling. It was found that, not being "Mandatory", a lot elected not to change. With more failures, the suggestion to change was repeated in '86 and still has not been done on a lot of planes.

The article shows the old original and the new feature and I added figures to illustrate that which Cessna could only try to explain in words.

During this coupling discussion on a string, Dave Sbur elected to change his to the new style and was glad he did. He sent along a picture that all should view in this article to reaffirm that changing to the new style would be a good idea, and he included suggestions of what they did for a best fit of the new combination.

Information about replacing the orignal throttle cable to throttle arm on the carburetor to prevent failure.
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