Manuals and/or CD's, why, how to get them, and costs

A collection of technical articles & attached documents by Neal Wright
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Manuals and/or CD's, why, how to get them, and costs

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Originally Posted on Tue Oct 25, 2005 7:30 pm

17 November and a replacement with a few changes after the article was reviewed and revised for the Newsletter.

6 November and the article has been replaced with a version in which some errors came to light. Nothing major, no prices changed.


There are paper manuals which have been a great aid since the planes and engines were first built and it is recommended that every owner have a copy of these on hand to resolve problems, arguments? and to make sure the right parts are being used.

A private company copied these manuals to CD's and offer the CD's for sale. There are benefits to having the CD's, even if you have the paper manuals.

The FAA allows the purchase for less than ten dollars of the plane's history from the time it went out the door at Cessna and a history of the ownership changes. These records are available either as paper or CD's but no longer are available as microfiche, for which we should be grateful.

This article explains the recommended information resources, how much they cost if they cost anthing, and how to get them.

With the manuals, owners have the opportunity to see the bits and pieces of the planes, part numbers, views of how the engines and planes go together, and get a sense of the complexity to repair or replace or upgrade features.

Ownership, parts, engine overhaul, history, "Certs" (these list all the approved options for the planes, making an assessment as to what can be changed without the hassle of a field approval or 337's in many cases).

17 November revision and upgrade thanks to Victor Grahn.
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