Tailwheel spring sets and steering springs

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Tailwheel spring sets and steering springs

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Originally Posted on Thu Oct 06, 2005 4:22 pm

The different spring sets for the tailwheel can cause a lot of taxi problems if misapplied. Based on surveys of a significant number of planes, a lot of the planes have the wrong spring sets to allow the easiest taxi and quick "breaks" of the tailwheel when steering.

New figures indicate what can go wrong, how to make parts that might have been lost or left off the installation, and others show details of the assemblies and the correct stackup of parts.

The correct steering springs are noted for each of the two types of Scott tailwheels which are authorized for the planes and some hints of how to make sure you get the right ones from the suppliers.

Tailwheel spring sets and the assemblies of the tailwheel springs and steering springs.
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