Pitot static problems and the cure Cessna never told owners

A collection of technical articles & attached documents by Neal Wright
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Pitot static problems and the cure Cessna never told owners

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Originally Posted on Wed Sep 28, 2005 1:52 am

Cessna found that often the plane's instruments depending on static pressure would give more accurate indications if the static port (s) were ignored and the instruments removed from the static system and vented to cabin static.

They put out a letter to dealers (no owners allowed) which told the story above and after the noted serial number, only the airspeed indicator was hooked to a static port.

The reality is...sometimes, the airspeed works better hooked to cabin static, too.

The letter from Cessna is included in the article.

The solution to many incorrectly-indicating instruments now connected to one of the two static ports.
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