Leading Edge Landing Light Bulbs, 4509, Q4509, Tradeoffs

A collection of technical articles & attached documents by Neal Wright
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Leading Edge Landing Light Bulbs, 4509, Q4509, Tradeoffs

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Originally Posted on Wed Aug 31, 2005 7:11 pm

Leading edge landing light bulbs can be the traditional 4509 or the newer Quartz/Halogen Q4509 by several makers, or the newest of the three, the Whelen Q4509.

There have been lots of hangar stories about which is better and which is the more expensive to use. This article allows a comparison leading to a selection.

When the Q4509 is left on during flight so as to serve as an alert for approaching planes, the continuous usage causes a failure mode which is new.

There are solutions to increase the useful life.

Comparison of the available brands and types of leading edge landing light bulbs.
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